Why should you trust us to sell your property?


Our group of select realtors will give your transaction their personal attention.  We are not into large numbers of listings.  That is not how it works in this area.  The properties are all unique and deserve the proper attention and expertise that only our staff can provide.

  • We will immediately post your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) where it can be seen by all realtors with MLS access.  This is the fastest, but also the most common way to get exposure, but we don’t stop there!
  • We will place one of our eye-catching “For Sale” signs on an attractive wooden post in your yard.  Many calls come from our signs.

  • We will arrange a time to bring our agents to your property, so that any of them will be prepared to respond to calls by potential customers.
  • We will advertise your property through the appropriate sources for your particular property.  This may include the Home & Land Guide, The Buyers Guide, the Bradenton Herald, Longboat Observer and Islander newspapers, Bright House Cablevision and any other means that we feel will effectively expose your property to potential buyers.

  • Your property will be shown in our website with photos, data sheets and contact information.  Our website has a very high volume of visits due to our website promotion and partnership with other key Internet sites such as FLA USA, ANNAMARIA.NET and others.  Many of these visitors are from European countries where we work with 35 affiliate companies on a regular on-going basis, due to our extensive vacation rental promotions. 
  • We will prepare attractive flyers for your property that will be available in our lobby, for showings and for mailing to prospects.   
  • We will participate in the “Caravan” program where other area Realtors are invited to visit the property at a specific date.  The purpose of the caravan is to bring awareness and to generate excitement about your property. 
  • We have a large number of vacation rental properties.  The island area is wonderful and many of these renters will want to own a piece of paradise for return visits or to call “home”.  We are fortunate to have this large base of customers looking for properties like yours.  We place your flyers where they will be seen by these visitors. 
  • We are high-tech Realtors.  We respond to inquiries via email daily sending pictures and data sheets anywhere in the world.

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